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CoOportunity Health

CoOportunity Health is a payer that became effective with Midlands Choice on January 1, 2014.  Created in part because of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, CoOportunity Health is a consumer-governed nonprofit health insurer operating in Nebraska and Iowa.   Click here to view an informational provider training video webinar about CoOportunity Health or visit their website to register for an upcoming webinar.

CoOportunity Health's Business Partners

  • CoOportunity Health contracts with Midlands Choice to use our provider network.
  • CoOportunity Health contracts with HealthPartners Administrators, Inc. to provide claims processing, medical management and certain other administrative services.

Participating with CoOportunity Health

Since CoOportunity Health contracts with Midlands Choice, providers who are contracted with Midlands Choice are participating for services provided to members of most CoOportunity Health plans. For more information about CoOportunity Health's plans and participation, visit the Plan Resources and Contracting + Credentialing pages of their website.

Claim Submission

Claims for CoOportunity Health members are not submitted directly to Midlands Choice.  They are to be submitted to CoOportunity Health. 

For information on how to submit CoOportunity Health claims electronically, including approved EDI clearinghouses and Payer IDs, go to

The CoOportunity Heath claims mailing address is:

CoOportunity Health Claims
PO Box 38
Minneapolis, MN  55440-9984

 Member Identification Cards

CoOportunity Card Front CoOportunity Card Back

Details about plan structure and other sample ID cards can be viewed by going to

Who to Contact

  • Benefits and Eligibility - 1-888-324-2064
  • Claims - 1-800-444-4558
  • Credentialing or Contracting - 1-800-605-8259
  • Web Support - 1-855-699-6694
  • EDI Support - 1-855-699-6694 ext. 3

A complete listing of CoOportunity Health contact information can be viewed by accessing More CoOportunity Health Contacts.

Iowa Marketplace Choice Plan

The Iowa Marketplace Choice Plan, also referred to as Medicaid Expansion, is an open-access plan. This plan does not have a member copayment, coinsurance, or deductible.  Eligibility is determined by Iowa Medicaid Enterprise 800-338-8366.  For more information on this plan, go to and choose the IMCP tab.

Register for an Account

Providers can locate eligibility and benefits, claim status, and remittance advices, medical providers, medical and administrative policies and much more.  To register, visit