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Companies find multitude of services for directing employee health, activity

"There is a noticeable improvement in our claims history that we attribute to our wellness initiatives which in turn creates opportunities for better premiums," said Rachel Rau, Human Resources senior generalist for Midlands Choice.

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Employers reprioritize employee benefits as response to economic pressures

"With unemployment numbers continuing to grow and more layoffs and downsizing occurring every day, employers seem to be less concerned about retention or ‘competing for talent' the way they were a year or two ago," said Marla Naumann, director of sales for Midlands Choice.

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Reform implementation unfolds most recently with preventive health rules

There is no need to get "overly panicked" about meeting requirements for healthcare reform, said Tom Press, Midlands Choice president and CEO. "Since most of the provisions don't take effect until 2014, there is still time to get clarification and certainty," he said, noting that "for some, uncertainty generates fear; for others, it creates excitement and potential opportunities."

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Companies turning to wellness to help keep absenteeism down, retention up

Midlands Choice works with more than 100 health plans and 5,000 employer groups, and has seen a variety of corporate wellness programs, Kelly Nieman, director of business development and communications with Midlands Choice, said. Regardless of an organization's size, the success of the plans comes down to individual motivation.

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Health care reform law, current trends affecting small business benefit plans Midlands Business Journal

Small businesses need to learn now how the new health care law will affect them, said Linda Sufficool, a vice president at Midlands Choice.

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