For Payers, Brokers & Employers:

State and Federal Mandates

Compliance with state mandates for health plan design is the responsibility of plan administrators. For mandates as they apply in the Midlands Choice core service area, consult these insurance department websites:

Iowa Mental Health and Disclosure Act

In accordance with the Iowa Mental Health Disclosure Act, (Iowa Code Section 228) the insurer or TPA (as an agent of the contracted employer group) has the accountability to file with the Iowa Insurance Commissioner a confidentiality statement to comply with the limitations on use and disclosure of information under Section 228.2, and to destroy such information when no longer needed. In addition, the group's payer (insurer or TPA) is to require in its agreement with a contracting employer group to maintain a similar filing with the Iowa Insurance Commissioner or, if not required to make such a filing, is to acknowledge awareness that this information shall not be used or disclosed except as stated in Section 228.7 of the Code of Iowa and that the contracting group is aware of the penalty for unauthorized disclosure.