For Healthcare Providers:


At three-year intervals, we recredential providers and facilities to verify that criteria for participation continue to be met. To allow sufficient time for processing and committee review, we request a renewal application at least four months before the third anniversary of the last credentialing date. If the credentialing anniversary date is missed before recredentialing is complete, participation is considered to have expired unless renewed by Midlands Choice. Additionally, Midlands Choice does not publish the names of providers in our online directory who surpass the recredentialing anniversary date until the recredentialing process has been completed.

In addition to updates of the documentation that was required for initial credentialing (license, education, certification, as applicable to the provider or facility type), renewal information presented to the credentialing committee will include any member complaints, network sanctions, and deficient scores from medical records or site surveys.

Incomplete applications are held open for 15 days from the date of the initial request asking for missing information. If information is not received within 15 days, the application will be treated as having been withdrawn and the provider's participation will be terminated according to the terms of the Plan Provider Agreement.