Oscar Health

Oscar Health Insurance Company utilizes the Midlands Choice Premier network for their Individual and Family business in the state of Nebraska. If a provider has a direct contract with Oscar Health, the Midlands Choice network fee schedule rates will not apply.

The plans utilizes the Midlands Choice network except for the following services:

  • Behavioral Health covered services
  • Pharmacy covered services
  • Dental covered services
  • Vision covered services
  • Non-Hospital Laboratory covered services
  • Transplant covered services
  • Durable Medical Equipment covered services
  • Home Infusion covered services

Providers should consult Oscar’s Nebraska Provider Manual for Claims submission instructions. The Provider Manual can be found at provider.hioscar.com/resources/nebraska/provider-manual/.

To confirm eligibility, verify benefits, check the status of a claim, enroll in EFT/ERA and more, providers may create a Provider Portal account at hioscar.com/providers. User 'How To' guides for the Provider Portal and other resources such as Reimbursement Policies are available at hioscar.com/providers/resources. Contact Oscar at 855-672-2755 with any questions.

Medical claims for Oscar Health plans should be submitted directly to Oscar at PO Box 52146, Phoenix, AZ 85072-2146, or electronically using EDI ID: OSCAR.

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