For Healthcare Providers:

Credentialing FAQs

What types of providers are eligible for credentialing?
What are your Level I and Level II network participation criteria for practitioners, hospitals and facilities?
How are effective dates assigned?
How are chiropractors credentialed?
If a practitioner is already credentialed by an IPA or PHO, does he or she also need to be credentialed by Midlands Choice?
What are practitioners' contracting options (individual, group, etc.)?
What is the make-up of the credentialing committee?
How does Midlands Choice handle Locum Tenens (temporary) arrangements?
How does Midlands Choice handle credentialing for new graduates?
What are the steps in the credentialing process?
What information is verified during the application review?
What are providers rights during the credentialing process?
Can the credentialing committee's decision be appealed?
When are new providers listed in the directory?