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All registered users of the secured tools on the website are subject to a yearly audit. During the audit process, an audit form containing a list of all registered users under each tax identification number is sent to the person who has been designated by the contract holder as the approving contact.  The approving contact has a total of 10 days to approve or deny access for the users on the list and return the audit form to Midlands Choice.  If the audit form is not returned within the stated timeframe, the system will automatically place the tax identification number in a ‘Failed Audit’ status and no users will have access to the secure site until the audit is received.


If you are the designated approving contact, please be sure that the audit form is returned by the deadline so that the registered users don’t lose their access.  It is also important to notify Midlands Choice whenever a registered user terminates employment or no longer requires access to the secured site. If the individual designated as the approving contact is no longer in that role, the organization should contact Midlands Choice with the name and contact information of the new approving contact.